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Hey guys

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Here's the final pic for today. Gwen and Cousin Lucy from Ben 10 Omniverse where Lucy trying to annoy Gwen to the point of pulling down her skirt and showing Gwen's huge butt lol.

I like how this one came out both characters showing Gwen being surprise and embarrassed and Lucy being silly. Hope everyone enjoyed these 2 weeks of drawings and hopefully come up with a new batch to show guys but till then enjoy the ones i posted for now.

Rock on!


1 Character full colored 29 US dollars(USD) Examples:

Commission: Lois Lane new Tattoo by grimphantom Princess Bubblegum by grimphantom Super Best Friends Forever: Supergirl Super Butt by grimphantom Commission: Dat Shego by grimphantom Commission: Seductive Frankie Foster by grimphantom

Characters in Danny Phantom and Fairly Oddparents style(thicker lineart) 30 USD, examples:

Halloween Maddie as Vampirella: Wedgie Problems by grimphantom Commission: Desiree's Bootylicious by grimphantom Commission: Maddie Asses Up by grimphantom Commission: Ember, Sexy Rock Star by grimphantom

Adding extra stuff like minor characters or additional stuff 35 to 45 USD depending on the situation, examples:

Drew Saturday: Butt Carving for Halloween by grimphantom Halloween Rangiku and Kon: Perverted Imp by grimphantom Commission: Dan Vs. : Elise Maid Disaster by grimphantom Commission: Totally Groped by grimphantom Commmission: Britney Britney Wardrobe Malfunction by grimphantom Halloween Shego: The Wedgie by grimphantom

Halloween Frankie Foster: The Prank by grimphantom

Characters with Butt and Breast expansion 36 to 42 USD if they are added both, examples:

Charmcaster's Shrinking Problem by grimphantom Drew Saturday: Attack from Behind...Again by grimphantom Happy Halloween 2012 by grimphantom Commission: Bulma Micro Band Side Effects by grimphantom Commission: Harley and Batgirl: Cactus Incident by grimphantom Rayman Legends: Bubble Butt Ursula by grimphantom

For 2 characters 60 USD and for 3 characters 90 USD so it goes on Example:

Halloween Fairy Tail: The Curse of the Butt Sucker by grimphantom Commission: Harley and Batgirl: Cactus Incident by grimphantom Lucy and Cana Mages Fight 1 by grimphantom Ask Dr. Deadpool: The Jiggly Effect by grimphantom Commission: Abbey and Miranda Grey Hot Scene 1 by grimphantom

Comic Strips are up to 60, 80 to 150 USD depending on the situation, examples:

Commission: Lois Lane Wardrobe Malfunction by grimphantomDanny Phantom: The Advantages of Being a Ghost by grimphantom   Commissions: The Advantages of Being a Ghost 2 by grimphantom Dan Vs. : Wedgie Revenge by grimphantom

If you're interested let me know with a note with full details on what you want in the commission with reference of the character, pose if you have and i will come up with something for you :).

It will cost extra if you want something on the character, depends on what you want.


Here's what i won't do just to make it clear:

-No Porn, Nudity or having girls kissing while they are naked but not too graphic is ok but when comes to sex is a different story.

-No furries, sorry guys but some don't get my attention except for a few characters, you can still send me a note and if i'm interested i will do it.

-Bondage, like Porn i usually don't do that type of stuff

-Muscle girls

-Comic pages, They are fun but it takes too long to come up with a page.


-When you note me please be sure you do have the money to pay, i don't want excuses that "I have bills to pay" "need to pay my car"  if you are confident to commission me note me or else i won't do any sketches until i received payment.

- If you have compromise with another artist but didn't deliver but still waiting for a sketch from him/her be sure when you ask me a commission to let the other artist know you're going with another artist to commission, it's a waste of time if you ask me when you already have another artist that you ask for a drawing.

-If you want a drawing by a specific day please let me know on time, it does take time on coloring the drawing so if you let me know on time it will be great.

Well that's it so far, if you're interested send me a note. I show a preview first then i get paid since i feel it's much easier that way.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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VoltronZ1 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Writer…

Hehe... Top this, Big Hero 6. :iconbadassplz:
AJ-Prime Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Duuuude, one of these days I need to commission a Ben 10 Omniverse-style Stocking from ya' after seeing your reblog of it on tumblr. lD
grimphantom Featured By Owner 3 days ago
lol sure tho funny you mention Stocking on this month lol
AJ-Prime Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hrm? Whatcha' mean?
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I think somebody stole your artwork:
grimphantom Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Thanks for the notice
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You're welcome, man. Thought you should know.
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Thank you for the fav
Edoki Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014
if only i wasn't poor i'de ask for a nice Ava Ayala pic (from Ultimate Spiderman...not a huge fan of the show but Ava is awesome; also PeterxAva ftw)
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