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Hi Everyone
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Zap! ENF by grimphantom
Jin Zapped!…

Commission done for :iconthemultipled: who asked for Azula and Jin dress (well,mostly Azula) outfits that he came up for them tho Azula had something else in mind for Jin and thought she needed to look more “revealing” lol.

I like how it came out, even tho i like seeing Jin naked, i like how Azula looks here, especially in that outfit =P



1 Character full colored 31 US dollars(USD+fees) Examples:

Adding extra stuff like minor characters or additional stuff 37 to 47 USD+fee depending on the situation, examples:

Characters with Butt and Breast expansion 37 to 44 USD+fee if they are added both, examples:

For 2 characters 60 USD and for 3 characters 90 USD so it goes on Example:

Comic Strips are up to 60, 80 to 150 USD depending on the situation, examples:

If you're interested let me know with a note with full details on what you want in the commission with reference of the character, pose if you have and i will come up with something for you :).

It will cost extra if you want something on the character, depends on what you want.


Here's what i won't do just to make it clear:

-No Porn, Nudity or having girls kissing while they are naked but not too graphic is ok but when 
comes to sex is a different story.

-No furries, sorry guys but some don't get my attention except for a few characters, 
you can still send me a note and if i'm interested i will do it.

-Bondage, like Porn i usually don't do that type of stuff

-Muscle girls

-Comic pages, They are fun but it takes too long to come up with a page.


-When you note me please be sure you do have the money to pay, i don't want excuses that 
"I have bills to pay" "need to pay my car"  if you are confident 
to commission me note me or else i won't do any sketches until i received payment.

- If you have compromise with another artist but didn't deliver but still waiting for a 
sketch from him/her be sure when you ask me a commission 
to let the other artist know you're going with another artist to commission, 
it's a waste of time if you ask me when you already have another artist that you ask for a drawing.

-If you want a drawing by a specific day please let me know on time, it does take time on coloring 
the drawing so if you let me know on time it will be great.

Well that's it so far, if you're interested send me a note. I show a preview first then i get paid since 
i feel it's much easier that way.

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Grimphantom's Hangout(Blog):

Grimphantom's Hangout:


Xixa of Xylem by Dadward

Founder and manager of:
:iconmegas-xlr-club: :iconmotorcity-fans: :iconregular-babes: :iconxixaofxylem:


Dat Bob Lazuli by grimphantom
Dat Bob Lazuli
Hi everyone!

Yes yes, Bob got to me XD. I couldn't resist watching the leak episodes and the Baseball episode is my fav aside of Barn Mates. I just enjoyed the episode especially with Lapis as Bob, it was hilarious.

I actually did this awhile ago(aside of working on some pending commissions of course) and wanted to wait till the day the episode will air on CN so don't miss it everyone, i'm gonna watch it again obviously=P.

Enjoy Bob!
Commission: Maddie Gift Wrap Surprise
Hi everyone! Too Soon? Let me explain:

Commission done for :iconthesharkmaster: who ask for Maddie looking all sexy while trying to unwrap herself since it's Shark's birthday today! This is one of the reasons why i'm posting today. I like how it came out, been awhile i drew Maddie and we still need more fanart of her XD.

Hope you guys enjoy this hot MILF gift XD.
Lord Dominator: Dominatrix Mode by grimphantom
Lord Dominator: Dominatrix Mode
Hi everyone!

As promised, the last pic for today and gotta end it with Lord Dominator! It was a must with the recent events and how cool but evil character she is but also to cheer up a good friend :iconheartlessslayer: who had it rough at the beginning of this year so wanted to cheer him up at least with one of his favorite characters.....tho it's also a fav as well XD.

I like how this one turn out and gotta be honest, her name just begs for it to draw her in this type of outfit XD. Hope you enjoyed these batch of drawings i posted but no worries since we might see new ones later on but for now, enjoy!
Commission: Smoke EUF Moment by grimphantom
Commission: Smoke EUF Moment
Hi Everyone!

Commission done for who ask for Smoke from Yin Yang Yo! Having a EUF(embarrassed underwear female) that usually see in anime so don't be surprise she's getting the same treatment since she's a parody of anime =P.

I like how this came out, Smoke looking very embarrassed that she screams the Kyaaa!!! to Yang looking like an idiot with that face. The show it's not that great to be honest, the only thing that saves it is Smoke and Saranoia and that's it. Just 1 more pic for tomorrow everyone, you will be dominated by it =P

btw, there's a nude version of Smoke over at tumblr so you know where to look =P, enjoy!
Marina's Strip Searched Annoyance by grimphantom
Marina's Strip Searched Annoyance
Hi Everyone!

Not a commission but a gift to Ed also known as Herny in tumblr where i did a sketch last year  of his character Marina getting a strip search because it was his birthday at the time. I like the idea and i always wanted to see Marina in underwear XD. 

Herny is great artist, aside of drawing known characters in sexy ways that you can't imaging lol, he also comes up with his own characters that i really like,  which personally i like to see him draw more of them =). Marina's a fun character and always get excited to see Herny draw her since her design is cute but also sexy XD.

If you like to check his stuff he has 2 tumblr accounts:

You won't be disappointed. Only 2 more pics left, everyone! Be ready =P


United States
Favourite genre of music: Rock and heavymetal
Favourite style of art: Flash and PS
MP3 player of choice: PSP
Favourite cartoon character: Kiva, Coop, Jamie, Drew Saturday, Nami,Peter, Egon, Ray, Wiston,Kneesocks, Charmcaster,Rigby, Mordecai, Benson, Ramona Flowers, Cartman, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Butters.


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