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Hey Everyone!

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I'm back from the dead.....well not really, got suspended but i'm back! Still have a few works to show but i will show them till monday, i know you guys awaited but trust me it will be worth it. Till then i'm still working on some pending works so hopefully have them soon, till then see ya around!



1 Character full colored 31 US dollars(USD+fees) Examples:

Adding extra stuff like minor characters or additional stuff 37 to 47 USD+fee depending on the situation, examples:

Characters with Butt and Breast expansion 37 to 44 USD+fee if they are added both, examples:

For 2 characters 60 USD and for 3 characters 90 USD so it goes on Example:

Comic Strips are up to 60, 80 to 150 USD depending on the situation, examples:

If you're interested let me know with a note with full details on what you want in the commission with reference of the character, pose if you have and i will come up with something for you :).

It will cost extra if you want something on the character, depends on what you want.


Here's what i won't do just to make it clear:

-No Porn, Nudity or having girls kissing while they are naked but not too graphic is ok but when 
comes to sex is a different story.

-No furries, sorry guys but some don't get my attention except for a few characters, 
you can still send me a note and if i'm interested i will do it.

-Bondage, like Porn i usually don't do that type of stuff

-Muscle girls

-Comic pages, They are fun but it takes too long to come up with a page.


-When you note me please be sure you do have the money to pay, i don't want excuses that 
"I have bills to pay" "need to pay my car"  if you are confident 
to commission me note me or else i won't do any sketches until i received payment.

- If you have compromise with another artist but didn't deliver but still waiting for a 
sketch from him/her be sure when you ask me a commission 
to let the other artist know you're going with another artist to commission, 
it's a waste of time if you ask me when you already have another artist that you ask for a drawing.

-If you want a drawing by a specific day please let me know on time, it does take time on coloring 
the drawing so if you let me know on time it will be great.

Well that's it so far, if you're interested send me a note. I show a preview first then i get paid since 
i feel it's much easier that way.

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Grimphantom's Hangout:


Xixa of Xylem by Dadward

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Commission: Be Cool, Mei!
Hey guys!

Here's the final pic from this set. Commission done for :iconryutuisen: who ask for Mei from Overwatch having some heat trouble to the point that she's in her underwear but still feeling hot from the harsh heat.....which we don't complain lol. About time i drew one of the Overwatch girls and obvious Mei is a must with dat figure she has and lets be honest, she has a plump figure and her butt is so big it's odd they draw her a bit slim, especially on that alt outfit they made for her.

I like how this one turn out and i do admit i always wanted to see Mei like this lol. Well this is it for now everyone, glad that you enjoyed all 10 pics and right now i'm working on the ones pending and hopefully have them later on =P.

Lalaco and Hisho Valentine's Clash
Hey guys, Happy Valentine's Day!

Been out so i couldn't posted this as normally do but here it is! Commission done for ninsegado91 who ask for Lalaco God Speed and Hisho from Space Patrol Luluco having a butt clash together. I like how both turn out also we don't see much fanart on them so here's one!

Hope you guys had or still enjoying the day with your love ones!
Commission: Zatanna, Sexy Enchantment
Hey guys,

Commission done for :iconjavidluffy: who ask for Zatanna from the new show Justice League Action. This one was done for his birthday very early so  i'm now posting it so everyone can enjoy this hot magician which you should consider watching JLA since the art designs done by Shane Glines are just very enjoyable to look at, i mean look at Zatanna here =P.
Commission: Allura's Shapeshifting Problems
Hey guys,

Commission done for Ninsegado91 who asked for Allura from Voltron Legendary Defender having a few issues with her shapeshifting abilities lol. I like how it turn out along with Coran screaming for something to cover Allura's big butt XD. I'm posting here since there's no mention of Allura's age and she was frozen 10,000 years making her the oldest of the group so it's fair to post here.

There's a no panties version at tumblr, for those who want to check that one out.

Commission: Elastigirl, Ready to Fight Crime
Hey guys! 

Commission done for :iconteblin: who asked for Helen Parr aka Elastigirl dressing up in her super suit. I tried once more on changing her design from my past drawings of her and show a bit more of that Helen personality while drawing the faces, i think it they came out well, i like the first one where she shows some attitude where you can see Helen would give if Bob's there lol.

Next year the anticipated Incredibles 2 come soon and i just hope Helen still keep that look she has tho i don't mind that she has more junk in the trunk lol. Enjoy!
Commission: Pixie Empress, Royal Embarrassment
Hey guys!

Commission done for :iconigusholliday: where he asked for Pixie Empress from Star Vs. The Forces of Evil having her clothes ripped.......which her wings got the same treatment lol. No worries they will grow....maybe.  The whole rainbow is like a fly trap that Star cast so she can trap the empress and her guards. 

Since she's an Empress she's older, also there's an episode where there's Pixie Princess so it's ok to post it here. Enjoy!
Commission: Te gusta lo que vez? Muchachote
Like what you see? Big Boy

Hey Guys,

This is a commission but unfortunately the person who order it has his account deactivated so if you're seeing this, here you go! The commission involves Maria Rivera from El Tigre dress as Plata Peligrosa and trying to tease White Pantera  in a very Tex Avery scenario, i think it came out well =P.

Hope you guys enjoy!
Commission: Carmelita Fox, Too much fire power
Hey guys,

Commission done for :iconcatsprin: who asked for Carmelita Fox having a wardrobe malfunction when her gun had too much fire power while trying to hit ringtail XD. I like how it turn out and it's been awhile since i drew Carmelita also couldn't resist giving her a funny mishap involving her clothes. Plus we need more Carmelita fanart =P

Commission: Slugterra Milf
Hey guys,

Commission done for :iconck-draws-stuff: who for someone entirely different, a background character from the show Slugterra. She doesn't have a name but what we have seen from the show is that she's a mom so i'm just going Milf. The show is not something you say "great" but does surprise you how long is still on the air and they do have some good character design which you can say why i took this commission since she does look hot and like all milfs a big butt. There's an alt version on Tumblr for those who want to check it out.

Hope everyone enjoys!
Commission Queen Tyr'a Lockhart
Hey guys,

Yes finally i'm back with some new works to post! Commission done by someone who like to remain anonymous who wanted a queen Tyr'ahnee from Duck Dodgers dress as Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy.  I think it came out well, try my best when it comes to dark clothes like skirt don't match with her skin. I also like the idea of her sweating like she was doing some workout......sadly i doubt Dodgers even if he's dress as Cloud wouldn't be interested on her XD.

Here's a new work of many others to come so be ready, everyone!


United States
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